Annita Woz is AlwaysLearning

Dec 3, 2008,  starts a new chapter of writing and sharing stories and inspirations. As a child-grower and memory maker i take seriously the lessons that life is offering to me, and remind myself daily to live in the moment.  Children, all around us, do this spontaneously.  When confronted with seven minutes left on the scoreboard before mine had to pack up and head home, they shouted “great! that’s a lot of time!” They ran off to continue some rowdy game. That is the key- making even seven minutes meaningful. I didn’t say stressful, or even jam-packed or productive, i said meaningful.

Today my seven minutes is going to be spent watching my youngest launch matchbox cars off of a yellow plastic ramp. Good ‘nuf for me.

i’m AlwaysLearning,

Annita Woz.

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