Mom Taught me More than Just How to Peel Potatoes

wozsummerfeet2006Hello all! Annita Woz here. Thank you for taking time to comment on the potato peeling article on the website.  I’m glad you were touched by it.I spent some time with my mom over Thanksgiving and knowing that this potato peeling story was out there for all the world to read, I took a step back to consider what else I had learned from her. My mom taught me to take pride in my work, to finish what I start, that any job worth doing is worth doing right, and that fools names and faces often appear in public places. Oh no! Now I had written about her on the web! Yet, I believe it is good to be a parent in these times of technology!

Mom wanted me to go further than she had in her life and believed that she still had things she wanted to accomplish. She wanted me to marry someone for love, get a good education and to work hard to meet my own expectations. She didn’t want me to make the same mistakes she had made.

She taught me to speak my mind, to expand my vocabulary, to debate issues, to think for myself instead of just following the “in” crowd. Mom’s most repeated line is not about peelings at all, instead it is, “so if all your friends jump off a bridge, what are YOU going to do?”

Our challenge as parents is to take all these messages, all these comments, all these tidbits that we have cobbled together from our memories and turn ourselves into better parents. No easy task!

I admit that I like that technology today lets me step back from situations, seek more information, and find balance in those lessons from my childhood, those defining moments, and with strength and support from the on-line community, I try to avoid sounding just like my mom while knowing that without this kind of technology, my mom, like me, like most mothers, my mom was doing the very best she knew how to do. (Thanks Mom.)

I’m AlwaysLearning,

Annita Woz

Originally posted on December 5, 2008 on EP website

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