Morning Mantra, Mom Sets the Tone

standonyourheadinyourpjsfeetHmm, something magical must have happened today. A plaque hangs on my wall that says, “Do you see the magic all around you?” reminding me to tune in to the moments that will become only memories when I wake up tomorrow.

Starting a new day with a smile and a promise to be a better mommy is a traditional mantra of my mornings. It sets the tone for the day. If mom is happy, everyone is happy. It is a serious responsibility for a parent and it cannot wait until I have my first cup of coffee either.

That’s waaay too late.

Instead, before the sun is out, before the dogs are scratching at the side of the bed asking to go greet the day, even before the alarm rings on the other side of the bed, I have to be prepared to wake up with a happy face to a little tap on my cheek from my five year old who seems to need a warmer bed at about the same time each new day.

Not a morning person by choice, somehow, the mommy in me will not disappoint this little guy when he interrupts my ritual of ignoring the call of the new day.  With a hand on my cheek, a lean into my head by his little blonde self, he can somehow bring out the better person in me and I can roll over and with a gentle voice, denying the disturbance to my six hours of pillow worship, I can find the patience to encourage him to climb in.

Opening the covers lets the morning chill under the blankets at the same time as my youngest, groggy but focused, uses his little hands to clutch at the sheets and mattress top and tries to climb the mountain of bed separating him from his slumber.  I reach out and wrap my arm around this pajama clad being, and swing him up off the carpet into our warm security and set the tone for the day.

His little feet dangle for a moment, toes curling into the side of the boxspring to help me lift as he half-climbs up the side of a grown-up bed. He rolls over the top of me and into the coveted middle spot on the bed between this dad and this mom who have invested in a king size bed just to accommodate the various number of children we expect to find their way down the stairs,  past the bathroom night light, through the office and into our room at odd times of the night or predawn.

We wait to see whom he will cuddle toward, the unchosen spooning in behind him, then draping a protective arm over the interloper’s middle an effort is made to reach across and give a spousal arm squeeze that says, “I’m glad we have kids, no matter what.”

Sandwiched in, the commotion calms, the dog lies down again at our feet, the sun keeps getting ready to rise, and we pretend another workday is not waiting to rob us of such perfection.

I’m AlwaysLearning,

Annita Woz.

An edited version of this post was submitted to John Rosemond’s Traditional Parenting newsletter for consideration in the March 2010 routing.

2 Responses

  1. anita this is beautiful

  2. Wow Annita,
    Who knew! This is amazing; a wonderful way to look at the day and a great reminder of how we should look at our lives. Kids are a blessing and sometimes that is forgotten in the day-to-day schedule we all seem to keep!

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