Living by Childgrower A. Woz.

gno-moms-feetAll around me, good things seem to be happening.

A 747 lands in the Hudson and no one dies.

A single mom gets her mortgage refinanced and she can breathe again.

A new medicine is working for a little girl and her confidence returns for school days and sleep overs.

A father quits smoking after 50 years and his beautiful voice shares a tune with his son.

A man builds a wind turbine in his back yard and finds his actions start stirring conversations between strangers.

Someone finds a stray dog in Oklahoma and it makes its way to a happy family at the end of the leash who had lost their way once, too.

A father went to war and many months later came home changed, but safe.

A mom is inspired to stop fighting against the bad and to start fighting for the good.

It’s going to be a great year.  I cannot help but feel it.

2008 was a challenge for so many.  Shoulders grew weary.  Boxes of tissues met and held many tears.  Patient humility proved the best kind of support as many waited for their turn to come.

People often just started talking as they wandered, so lost.  It was their heart that took the lead, sought out others,  lightened its burden by revealing its own.

Candles were lit to shine truth on the darkest problems.  Shadows turned into sunshine after much meditation and acceptance.  Lives began living, even as pain made it seem that a new day ought to refuse to arrive out of simple respect for the hardship that kept staring them in the face.

People unloaded their lives by telling their stories and suddenly, instead of crosses those moments became connections.

When they turned to an acquaintance and admitted their weaknesses, they were met with similar confessions.  Strangers would open their mouths and out would come a situation that was overwhelming them.  Standing in the grocery line,  a woman shared with me that her job had been changed and now she was not only doing someone else’s work but also the work of a friend who was now out of a job;  how to be adequately grateful for one’s luck at the misfortune of another was one of her greatest concerns.

At times, kindness came from nowhere. And sometimes good deeds were done and the giver did not even know they gave the gift.

Anonymous checks arrived in mailboxes,  a load of wood was delivered for a wood stove,  a scholarship fund found a child who wanted to join a team.

Meals were delivered to new moms and to moms grieving for lost husbands.  A front door was thrown open to greet an old friend. Women joined bookclubs and found themselves sharing snippets from chapters of their lives, like sisters on a weekend getaway, they took confidence from fresh perspectives.

Front walkways were shoveled for a neighbor, children came home from college, jobs were offered to keep friends close.  Someone else encouraged a stranger with just a simple smile.  Another mom invited a woman in for a cup of coffee and she made a friend.

Cousins grew up and reunited, their children now play together.  The bonds of family, they realized, are rooted in its traditions, its comforting commonness.  With ease, they cheer for each other’s children as if they were their own.

Maybe a promise was not broken, an argument was not started, fidelity was not compromised.  Maybe someone searching for love, looked in a sunny spot, where the world could see all of her value,  and her spirit was renewed.

A neighbor waved to a lonely woman, a ride was offered to a stranger with a broken-down van,  a door was held for a tired mom.

In the local supermarket my little boy is made less restless because a patient clerk takes the time to make a paper airplane.  This mother’s distracted self refocused on  my child, and with a sense of wonder,  I glanced up from my grocery list to share in my son’s delight.  Together, we watched the folded piece of paper soaring into the next aisle and faith in the goodness of others was reaffirmed in this, the smallest gesture.

It is 2009 and I can feel the good things happening all around me.

Have you felt this?


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  1. AAHHHHH……so much to be grateful for. I am so glad you took the time to “see the good”, and to write about it. A wonderful reminder, to stop, and make note to the wonders that happen all around each and everyone of us everyday. The key however, is to take the time………Love, your friend Theresa

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