Quote day by Annita Woz of WozWrites

bikershoefeetAnger is more stubborn than common sense.  Regret always trumps them all the day after though. -Anonymous

Anger is fear turned outward. – Obvious  when  we closlely look at children misbehaving.

No one can make you do anything. Stop blaming others and admit your role in being responsible for what you choose to do. – from some parenting book I read.

Anything after the “but” is bull.  “Yes I threw a shoe at you, but you did xyz to me first.”  Don’t just say sorry, you have to admit you were wrong and take responsibility. -James Lehman, EmpoweringParents NOTE: this is probably why everyone in my family is always “right”, we said sorry a lot but never admited we had made a bad choice.

If you are always having trouble getting along with other people then maybe you better look at yourself and see what you need to change. – my mom.

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