Covergirls Bookclub picks July 2009-Feb 2010 by Annita Woz

We met at the Barnes and Noble on June 18, 2009 for the Covergirls book pick.

Happy Birthday early to Nancy and to Julie! Happy travels to Carol and Karen and the scout’s salute to Joanne. Julie gets first book pick and first pick on hosting dates next time around since she had to work while we were all sitting around enjoying our biscotti and fru-fru beverages at Barnes and Noble.  Out of respect for Julie we looked at nothing shinyy or prettyyyy during the book pick.

We may have a new book clubber, a friend of Carol’s who attended the book signing for Michael Perry’s newest book COOP at B&N on Weds night.  Perry spoke to a large crowd and stayed to autograph books and chat with readers until 11:30pm.   Meeting this Wisconsin author was real treat as he was hilarious. My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much.

A discussion about a potential legal thriller for the month of September naturally led our group to revisit some unresolved topics. We successfully set precedent that can be referred to at later Covergirls book pick nights such as if someone has seen the movie, it doesn’t count as having read the book; therefore, said book may remain on the table for approval.

And in a live demonstration right in the Barnes and Noble Cafe area, we learned that if we can’t agree between two equally interesting books, someone should threaten to sit on the books and randomly pull out one from under her derriere. This process yields quick results whereby the person who originally suggested the books will truthfully declare her personal preference without worry about offending anyone.

We Did Not Have to Invoke the Hand Signal indicating Overuse of Capital Letters to Reject Any Books.

We also relied on our tried and true method of finding a book based purely on the cover illustration. We expanded The Power of The Cover to determine whether a book makes it on the official reading list.

We found peace in knowing that even though we were calling to tell people we were on the way, when already 40 minutes late,  that we weren’t the first or the last mom-member to experience severe calendar conflicts on the night of book club. We agreed that our kids sometimes take over our schedules and that is just how it is.

Finally, we all agreed that even if life is crazy, even if you have to get dressed in the car or even if you have to come in your PJs, make time to come to the Covergirls book club: just don’t come naked.

We confirmed that we meet the third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm with discussion to begin no later than 8pm, with location anywhere the host wishes to gather.  Hosts should please route out reminder email on the date and the location and clubbers should kindly RSVP.

Drummmmmroll please:

  • July 16 at Mya’s Standing up to the Madness by Amy Goodman & David Goodman.
  • Aug 27 at Mya’s Chef School, Lynne’s Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl
  • Sept 17 at Nancy’s The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
  • Oct 15 at Theresa’s All We Ever Wanted was Everything by Janelle Brown
  • Nov 19 at Annita’s In the Skin of the Lion by Michael Ondaatje
  • Dec 17 at Joanne’s The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs
  • Jan 14 at Carol’s COOP by Michael Perry

Feb 18th is avail for Karen’s Julie and Julia by Julie Powell if she agrees.  Julie gets first pick on the next book and the first choice on hosting date next time around.

Carol will route the name, info and email address for Elizabeth and we hope to meet a new member at the July gathering.

### For The Covergirls by ChildGrower Annita Woz, June 17, 2009.


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  1. Love these choices – I’m going to read them, too. Thanks for posting them!

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