The Rohrmans Move to Maryland by child grower Annita Woz
















Dear Rohrman Family,

We believe that good things happen to good people.

It is good that the kids are going to make more friends in a new state to add to the many they have here.

It is good that Jeff can be in a job doing what he loves to do, kicking goals that inspire some young player to do great things. It is good that Jeff doesn’t have to wear a suit but can work on sunny green fields, in full soccer gear.

It is good that Nancy has the opportunity to be a role model for other young girls as a teacher and as a trainer. It is good that Maryland has Nancy, and it will never be the same after her soccer cleats arrive and her smile fills their fields, their homes.

It is good that good people like you moved to Verona.

We didn’t know that we had been missing out all these years on true generosity, never understood what makes a good neighbor until your family arrived.

You have blessed us with your friendship, your children, your enthusiasm for a yard with soccer goals on each end and the simplicity of scrapbooking with adhesive stickers –torn in half of course.

It is good that we have friends in another state, friends that we treasure, friendships that we will not let go.

So we will use the empty white house on Westridge Parkway as a motivator, to fill that space in our hearts with time in your new home, your new town, your new world.

I refuse to say Goodbye. Hear me shouting, “ Hello Maryland! It’s All Good.”

-The Woz Family

### July 18, 2009

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