Carpool Queens by child grower Annita Woz

bigsandyfootsculptureFinal plan as of July 26th 7:54pm

It’s this kind of stuff that makes a mom’s head spin around on her shoulders.

Phone numbers are exchanged, traffic patterns analyzed, pick up times are negotiated.

It’s the coordination, the call to confirm, the last minute call to reconfirm, the sick kid in the mix, the mom who can’t quite leave on time and the necessary paperwork giving permission for another mom to drop off, pick up, administer scoldings as needed.

It might make the faint of heart think that parents should just stop signing kids up for stuff.

 But we don’t stop and that is good. Because the carpool is when parents get to really hear how the day was, how the friendships are going, who the mean kid is in the class.

The kids love the carpool. It’s good for kids, it’s good for parents.

The truth is,  these are the things that mothering is made of.  It’s what fathering is made of and it’s truly what growing up is made of– time with friends.

 We google maps, we wrestle with the GPS, we figure out the construction delays, get to know the shortcuts and master the route by the end of the week. It’s how it is when we decide to have kids  and when we are willing to give them our day.  It’s no wonder we need to go see Janeen at Janeen’s HQ  in Verona for another color job! (845.6264) 

Sheesh! Pencil in, erase, pen in, scratch out, repeat next week.

Lock in the coffee mug, turn up the tunes, enjoy the ride. 

The Dog Lovers Carpool Schedule follows: 

Monday- Annita drives both ways, taking Jaedyn,  picking up Izzy, Melissa (on Norwhich) and Christina (in Oregon on Lincoln St. )

Tuesday- Stina gets dropped off at Jaedyns.  Rebecca drives both ways including Jaedyn, Stina, Melissa and Izzy.

Weds- Annita drives all TO only-  Jaedyn, Izzy, Melissa, and Stina. Rebecca does the pick up of Jaedyn, Izzy, Melissa, Stina (drop off in Oregon at dance). Melissa may be optional as there is a cousin visiting and Kathy Biesman my be driving.

Thursday- Kathy driving both ways, all girls, Stina will be at Jaedyns in the AM and can be dropped off at Jaedyn’s PM.

Friday- Kathy driving there,  picking up Izzy, Jaedyn, Stina and taking Melissa. Theresa does the pick up taking Izzy, Melissa, Stina and Jaedyn. Melissa’s mom may go to the “graduation” at 2:15 so Melissa may or may not  need a ride home…

No worries. Everyone will get where they need to go when they neeed to get there.  All these moms are Carpool Queens.


2 Responses

  1. O.K. I have got it, I have read it and now I will remember it. Shesh, this is the world of a mom working outside the home relying on other moms to help out. I truly appreciate each and every one of you for doing this Carpool queen thing. Driving around with your heads spinning as I sit here at this desk with my head spinning on how to work with a team that is not doing what I WANT THEM TO DO………………………….. I have so much to learn!!! I was told this morning that I may get it by the age of 60. This gives me great hope!
    Lots of love,
    Theresa Ann

  2. Isn’t the big wide world such an amazing place of learning! Maybe we’ll get it by 60 and then we have 40 years to perfect it!

    Happy Weds! happy to help!

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