Spring Break and Children by childgrower A. Woz.

For now, it is off to spring break with the kids to see the Grand Canyon and other westward wonders! Travel is a wonderful teacher and we are looking forward to the road trip.

As a child our family took one vacation (ever) to see relatives in Kansas and I have fond memories of the long drive and the silly things that happened. We took Grandma and Grandpa with us and had to borrow a friend’s station wagon as ours was not road worthy. On the trip out I fell asleep and woke to find Grandpa had drawn on my leg a funny little character in blue ink. It grinned at me when I woke from a nap and Grandpa joked about it all the way to Topeka.

And I won’t forget that my younger sister was potty training and we had the potty chair set up in the way-back and she used it during the drive!  Those were the days before seat belts and such! I recall my giddiness on the last leg of the trip, when my dad allowed me to drive the final stretch on the back roads and park the beast in our driveway where after just one short trip to another state I found our home to be more comfortable and our town to be so much smaller than I remembered. I was almost 13 and honored that Dad allowed me behind the wheel. As it turns out, it had nothing to do with allowing me to learn, but more that he had driven most of the trip out and back- and was exhausted!

Our children have already been on an airplane several times and are bored with the flying part (incredible!) They are potty trained, no where near driving age, and Grandparents live far away. The schools close for the week to welcome the spring weather, “coincidentally” allowing time for some to fully partake in religious celebration and tradition. Over the break some children will travel the roads of our great country and some will stay home or go to camp while mom and dad go in to work.

Some things have changed, some haven’t. Some things I don’t want to go back to and some things I’d love to resurrect. Thankfully,  it’s not my job to put the world in any order but instead, like most responsible parents I guess, I will diligently focus on managing the little things of school, community, the inside of our own home.  Mostly, my husband and I will always be learning the best and worst about ourselves through the raising of our children and we promise to slow down and embrace the meaningful moments as they are revealed.

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  1. Because kids grow up way too fast! So spend as much time with them as you can :o)

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