Sad Oil

Sorry, I hate oil as much as anyone who drives a car, but I don’t advocate a boycott of BP stations.  BP stations are largely franchised to moms and pops who are very disconnected to the actual idiocy of BP. They make no money on selling the gas, but profit largely on the convenience store sales.
It appears that BP is robbing the franchise owners as much as they rob the environment.
I’d rather put my energy into helping in the cleanup effort and in changing legislation so real prevention plans are in place before any more oil extraction is approved.
I personally think this is a wake up call- solar, wind, what else can we do that doesn’t involve this much risk?
I’m thinking that if we cannot handle oil, we probably shouldn’t put nuclear into anyone’s hands either…

A. Woz, for Childgrower blog, June 4, 2010.

One Response

  1. I just found your blog from the comment you posted on the “Motherhood Shouldn’t be a Competition” story on NPR. So great, anyway…I love this. A few weeks ago I spotted some street vendors selling “BP sucks” shirts and they were going like hotcakes. I am FURIOUS with BP but I did wonder how many of the people purchasing the shirts are totally petroleum free. We have some collective responsibility here and I hope we wont’ miss the opportunity to take it, as you say with solar, wind, etc. and just mindfully leaving a smaller footprint each day.

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