Mother Hubbard’s Red Tent Bookclub

Wonderful book club event in a beautiful setting with Ms. Michelle and the shoe ladies. We are clearly not Mother Hubbards…tee hee.

Grateful to have such interesting women to visit with on a fall evening.  Thank you Michelle and all the crowd, enjoyed catching up with all of you…Didn’t realize how much I needed the night out to just “be.”

This book club thing is a good thing. 10 years in Dec. Wow.

October 7th (robin’s birthday) at Karen’s house.  We are reading Fat White Vampire Blues.

November 11th at Erin’s House, reading Never Let Me Go

December 2 (no read) Holiday book exchange at Jessica’s

Other suggestions, Franzen’s Freedom, Malachi, (Robin) , Branda’s “Politically Correct Holiday Stories”, etc.

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