Covergirls picks for June 2011-May 2012

Welcome new members Cami and Paula.

Marti and Lisa and Julie- we know you’ll be back. They always come back! We’ll continue to meet at host’s choice of location at  7:30pm with discussion beginning at 8pm on the third Thursday of each month unless noted below due to holidays, etc. Hosts please route directions prior.  Let’s try and plan for the year. Put these in your calendar and count on conversation,  time away and a discussion of everything plus the book.

Bookclub pick was completed in record time on Thursday evening at the local Barnes and Noble. Mya will be hosting on June 16, perhaps on her back deck, where frequent sightings of  Baltimore orioles and candlelit wineglasses have been known to frame discussions.

Our first book is not a bodice ripper, but Amy Chua’s Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother may cause some of us to tear our hair out. Let’s see!

On the 2011/12 Calendar with links to Amazon for a Peek at the Covers!

Karen’s tip of the Day- Don’t forget to try the Large Print Edition if the library waiting list is too long! : )

See you all at Mya’s

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