Originally posted in 2009.

ChildGrower Blog by Annita Woz

seenoevilRight in the middle of watching the best Disney channel repeat ever, a shocking thing happened. The house went completely still. Power outage.

Some powerline crisscrossing the star filled night sky of this rural town, had been forced down, by the weight of the ice and the winds that chilled and convinced even the heartiest of the winter loving natives to abandon activities and bundle up with family while gathered around a fireplace stocked with logs split by someone who still considered necessary workout equipment to be an axe instead of a lanyard with an access card to the local gym. 

No hummm of the DVD player, no squeaking of the fan on the computer, no bubbling sound from the fish tank, just complete silence.

In a way it was a beautiful refocusing. A rare opportunity to rethink life as we know it and a wake up call to never take…

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