The Gunman is a Juvenile

 CNN report  on the Ohio school shooting on 2/27/2012.

Update 2/28/2012 1:00pm- a third student has died as a result of injuries from the shooting at the school. 

Title of the article?  Students describe alleged Ohio gunman as sweet, sad 

Sweet? Sad? Gunman? which of these words doesn’t belong here?

It’s gunman.

We’d like to think that the person with the gun at the recent school shooting in Ohio was a gunman.  A full-grown adult.  Someone mature.  Someone who has no future.  Someone who is capable of taking full responsibility for his/her actions.

Then the shooting  would be horrible and sad, but never sweet and certainly not “juvenile”- which is actually what the alleged ‘gunman’  is.

I watched the press pictures during the coverage.  Moms hugged daughters and sons as they picked them up safe and unharmed, okay physically unharmed.

Worse- the list of injured students, at the time of this post one student died.

Lives are changed.

This situation is not one of those documented behavior “incidents” for a student’s file. This is not one of those cases where parents convene with teachers to create a fix it plan. There is no going back for the young gunman.

And if the shooter were your young juvenile,  he or she would soon be viewed as so much older than an immature high school student.   And the consequences are so much greater than an immature high school student pays- sweet, sad or otherwise.

The shooter is a gunman and the gunman will not be disciplined by mom or dad  but will be punished by the court of law.  And that is the difference that one young and angry teenage brain did not take time to think through. Parents discipline;  the court system punishes.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and to the juvenile shooter in this horrible situation.  And to the parents of all.

-A. Woz.

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