Everyday Politics


Sometimes I wish politics didn’t play such an important role in everyday life. But it does.

After a year of polarizing issues in Wisconsin, everyday politics means we carefully choose our words because we know after we take a stance on an issue we will be sitting in the bleachers, next to our friends and neighbors, for the rest of the game.

Thankfully, there are people like Erika Hotchkiss who decide now is the perfect time to take everyday politics a step further.  With a passion for social justice, she brings the first fair trade coffee shop to Verona, organizes community forums and mixes business with politics by letting recall petitioners meet and greet at a table inside her local shop.  As if this isn’t enough to help her community and bring working family issues to the forefront, Erika sets her sights on a position with the Dane County Board and trains for political leadership by enrolling in Emerge WI.

She’s ready to serve the community with more than just talk.

Her endorsement list is long, but it’s Erika’s authenticity that earns my support.  Her actions align with her beliefs.

Erika Hotchkiss is an inspiration. If she can make time for politics, it must be time for everyday people to take our politics beyond the bleachers. It’s time to vote.

I support Erika Hotchkiss for Dane County Board and encourage you to enter politics in your own way by examining her platform http://www.erikahotchkiss.com/ and casting your vote for Erika, either in person or by absentee ballot, on April 3rd.


Letter to the editor in support of Erika Hotchkiss for Dane County Board
Submitted to Verona Press on March 20th, 2012.

by A. Woz@ChildGrower Blog


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