On reading Ravitch and helping in classrooms

Kids are not widgets. Kids are living, breathing wonders.

We will never be able to mass produce intelligent students by increasing the number of quality control assessments. Technological advances, when paired with qualified support staff, create energy and interest and avenues for in-depth topic exploration.  Alone, technology is just a pacifier for unruly behaviors or a distraction for a child who needs a break from the realities of operating in an environment requiring high levels of social interaction, navigation of the many grey areas and the need to learn to read between the lines.

Classrooms need caring grown ups,  in addition to the teacher, to handle behavioral outbursts and learning styles for a variety of diverse student populations and to offer a smile, encouragement and sometimes bi-lingual support for teacher and student.

Schools need teachers well-trained in curriculum and classroom management, more time for learning AND playing, smaller class sizes and parental engagement in the operations of the school.

Students benefit from community support and awareness of the collaborative (not competitive) charter schools emerging in some districts in Wisconsin. Success,  through cost-effective models where traditional public schools and non-traditional public instrumentality charter schools find ways to work together, combines resources and exposes parents to alternative ways to meet the academic and social needs for students from a variety of cultures, incomes and abilities.

It takes many big people to grow little humans.

Additional resources for those interested in exploring education topics:




A. Woz

May 17, 2012 for ChildGrower Blog


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