Woz is a freelance writer for various parenting magazines and ezines and holds a BA in Journalism.  In addition to writing for local schools, non-profits and youth sports teams, Woz writes about community issues and volunteering while promoting responsible parenting in pieces targeted toward families dealing with the complicated issues of growing children.

Unable to post on ChildGrower blog as much as she’d like,  Woz remains a contributor to the very popular online ezine EmpoweringParents.com  and most recently contributed to the annual guide from Preschool Life.

Contact : childgrower@gmail.com

Current Projects

Currently serving as board president for a parent-led public charter school,    Woz’s writing draws inspiration and perspective about responsible parenting from the hallways, classrooms and sidewalks of Verona Area Core Knowledge ® Charter school.  Crafting internal public relation pieces and working with the board to share the mission and vision of the school, Woz’s written work for CKCS promotes a strong parent-teacher-child relationship in a public school setting and focuses on elevating volunteering in schools to priority status for over-scheduled families with K-8 students.

Research has proven students are more successful when parents are active in their child’s school.  At CKCS, Woz pairs  a deep respect for talented educators drawn to the honorable profession of teaching with her pre-family career in management. She engages parents in the operations of the school and in classrooms. Woz’s parent engagement program for parents (PEGG)  promotes volunteer expectations for parents which has led to a growing increase in parent involvement and leadership at CKCS events and on leadership teams.

Woz creates and contributes to the many public relations pieces for the school including regular newsletters, posting to an active CKCS Facebook page and hosting forums for parents to share details of academic performance and school challenges and successes. Frequent collaboration with teachers, administrators and parents on a variety of committees has improved transparency for board decisions, advanced strategic plans and emphasized sharing the successes of the program with the district and local community.

ChildGrower Blog

This blog serves as a truthful reminder about just how hard it is to be a responsible parent.  Woz looks at life from a child’s perspective, learns the to find and nurture the best in children and prepares to goof up.  She reads and researches constantly, remains curious and humbly admits she is always learning.

Woz will admit that one thing making growing children easier- in all kinds of families; single parent, step families, blended families, etc.-  is the ability to work side-by-side with a consistent and patient parenting partner after a child is brought into the world.

NOTE: for many families, this role is not filled by a spouse but by a neighbor, a relative, a friend.  Woz suggests parents actively seek a trusted adult who agrees with your parenting approach, provides a united front to back up responsible parenting decisions and find someone who can generously administer much love, discipline (not punishment) and consistency in the home.

May all visitors find something of value on ChildGrower and walk away with a commitment to doing your best as the parent you are.  Woz also encourages parents to plan to grow with your child and humbly embrace what it means to become a responsible parent.


Blog Start day: Dec 3, 2008.  Today i started a new chapter of writing and sharing stories and inspirations. As a child-grower and memory maker i take seriously the lessons that life is offering to me, and remind myself daily to live in the moment.  Children, all around us, do this spontaneously.  When confronted with seven minutes left on the scoreboard before mine had to pack up and head home, they shouted “great! that’s a lot of time!” They ran off to continue some rowdy game. That is the key- making even seven minutes meaningful. I didn’t say stressful, or even jam-packed or productive, i said meaningful.

Today my seven minutes were  spent watching my youngest launch matchbox cars off of a yellow plastic ramp.  Good ‘nuf for me.

A. Woz


7 Responses

  1. I love the name of your magazine and will check it out. Now I know why you write well; a degree in journalism helps! haha

  2. I have reciprocated on the blogroll addition. I’ll keep appreciating kids, you keep showing kids how to use their time and talents and we’ll see if we can be a defining moment in a little one’s life… Carry On!

  3. I think I have just found my New Year’s resolution; I will “keep showing kids how to use their time and talents to become a defining moment in a little one’s life.” Thanks for the inspiration. So glad I stumbled upon your writing.
    What country are you from?

  4. Great work !!! You have a real knack of putting life into words and vise(sp)versa. I especially liked the story regardng your sister–I cried.



  5. Hi Anita–Just wanted to thank you for putting my blog link in the EmpoweringParents forum yesterday. I’ve gotten quite a few hits.

    • NO, thank you. It is wonderful to have found your site and to be able to share it with confidence that what people see there will be legit and most of all, helpful. Isn’t it great how the internet can be such a great place for parents?

  6. Oops–sorry I spelled your name incorrectly. If it’s any consolation, people do that to me all the time!

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